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Frozenbyte is pleased with sales of Trine: Enchanted Edition on Wii U

Trine_Enchanted_Edition_Forest1_Heroes-640x360Finnish developer Frozenbyte’s Trine: Enchanted Edition was recently released on the Wii U eShop, sporting the graphical enhancements of the Trine 2 engine but featuring the story from the original game. Wii U fans have been eager to play the game, but one took to Twitter to ask the developers whether or not they’re pleased with how well the first game is performing on the Wii U. Frozenbyte responded that they’re happy with sales and how the game is performing.

faustOf course, the fan’s motive for asking the developers whether or not they’re pleased with the sales of the Enchanted Edition of the game come from the developer’s recent announcement of Trine 3 for PC. Trine 3 has not been confirmed as coming to Wii U, so it’s likely that sales of Trine: Enchanted Edition and Trine 2 will determine whether or not Frozenbyte will port the game to Wii U when it’s ready. Either way, this looks like a good sign for getting Trine 3 on Wii U.

Source: Wii U Daily

Check out these Bowser & Toad Wii Remotes from Japan

In 2013, Nintendo released a set of Wii Remote controllers that were themed to look like the Mario Bros. official colors. They also released a Princess Peach and Yoshi remotes later on to go with the set. They weren’t finished however, as NintenDaan has just shared a new video on his YouTube channel where he unboxes two new remotes for that series that are exclusive to Japan right now.

Both Toad and Bowser have gotten their own styled Wii Remotes, as you can see the Toad remote features a red, white, and blue color scheme to match his general appearance, while the Bowser remote is green and yellow with accents of red for his hair. The remotes look pretty nifty, but there’s no telling if they’ll ever be available outside of Japan. Toad and Bowser aren’t exactly the most popular characters when compared to Mario & Luigi and retail shelf space for products in the United States is much more limited than that in Japan.

Source: Wii U Daily