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Here’s the SMG style squirt gun from Splatoon [VIDEO]

Nintendo of Japan has been doing an excellent job of highlighting some of the unique weapons that players will be able to equip their Inklings with once the game releases in May. We’ve already seen the big paint roller and the grenade-launcher mortar gun, but this short video gives us a look at the quick-shooting SMG of the Splatoon world.

As with any SMG, this gun seems like it’ll be the most effective at mid-range, so you’ll have to get in somewhat close in order to get your opponent whittled down. It doesn’t have the stopping power of the hot blaster or the paint roller, but catch an inkling by surprise and you’ll probably take them out of that section of the map.

What gun do you want to see demonstrated next?

Source: Wii U Daily

New Splatoon footage showcases super fast gameplay [VIDEO]

Splatoon is dropping in May and while it’s likely at the end of May making it more than two months away still, Nintendo has slowly been trickling gameplay through various outlets to give us a taste of just how fast the game can be played. One of the major selling points of Call of Duty for many people is that respawn times in general aren’t too long.

As you can see in the above video, that also appears to be the case with Splatoon. Respawn seems to be only a few seconds, but how quickly you can travel to the front is determined by how well you and your teammates have coated the world in your color ink. The video above is from a German Nintendo site and the player is utilizing the standard rifle squirt gun. It’s not very good at covering a wide area, but it’s perfect for up close fights with other Inklings who are trying to capture your area.

This video does a good job of highlighting how important it is to have a diverse gun selection on your team. If everyone is using the same rifle you won’t be able to cover ground very accurately and that’s ultimately how you win Splatoon. Be the squid who inks the most.

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Nintendo gives the PlayBoy Playmates a Splatoon preview [VIDEO]

Well, that’s a headline I never thought I’d write. Still, the video is pretty entertaining and we get to see some new footage from Splatoon that we’ve never seen before. The marketing department for Nintendo of America is certainly stepping up their game, as they’re starting to make more people aware of Splatoon who may dismiss it as a simple child’s game thanks to the bright colors and crazy characters.

We still don’t have a solid release date for the game, but we do know it’s coming this May. Anyone up for a Nintendo Direct soon?

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Splatoon gameplay preview – “Best console shooter in years”

The folks over at Eurogamer have managed to get their hands on an early preview version of Splatoon and they’ve got some amazing things to say about the game. The game’s reviewer described it as “the best console shooter in years” while showing some footage of the game we’ve never seen before, including several new weapons.

You can check out the video above to see it live, but if you can’t watch the video right now it’s a preview of the game showcasing how zone captures work, some of the weapons you’ll have in your arsenal when the game is released, as well as some of the different functions of the various weapons and gear that is available in the game. Color me excited for this one as it seems Nintendo has something really innovative instead of iterative on their hands right now.

What’s your favorite weapon from the preview?

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Mario Party 10 Launch Trailer released

Mario Party 10 just launched last Friday in the US, and with it, Nintendo also released a new launch trailer for the North American market.

What does such launch trailer include, you might ask. It includes lots of gameplay footage, showing off various mini games, Nintendo characters, Amiibo functionality. And that classic Nintendo music.

The game launched in Japan two weeks ago, and the first sales numbers were pretty good: Mario Party 10 debuted at the 5th spot in terms of sales, selling just over 50,000 units on launch.

For more, check out a video of 70 Mario Party 10 mini games in action.

Will you be getting Mario Party 10 for your Wii U? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section. And be sure to follow Wii U Daily on Twitter and like us on Facebook!

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Snowcastle Games releases new footage of Earthlock [VIDEO]

Earthlock: Festival of Magic is a title I’ve long been waiting for on the Wii U. The game is a homage to classic JRPG games with turn-based combat and a giant world full of crazy creatures to explore. The team at Snowcastle Games have been quiet with their heads down working on the game since we last spoke to them, but the team was at GDC this year with new footage to share of the game. You can check it out above.

In addition to having some new footage to showcase, the team also has a new veteran game designer working with them. Thomas French joined the team after working at Rockstar North for the last ten years, with his previous projects being Grand Theft Auto 4 & 5.

The only downside to this reveal is that Snowcastle Games has pushed the release date for the title back to Fall 2015 instead of Spring, so there’s a slight delay before we’ll see this game available on the Wii U eShop.

Source: Wii U Daily


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