Mario Party 10 is the lowest rated first party Wii U game in years

Posted: March 25, 2015 in News, Video Games
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Mario Party 10 is the lowest rated first party Wii U game in years


Nintendo’s first party Wii U titles have been huge wins for the console and the publisher. But Nintendo’s run of releasing great first party Wii U seems to have ended with Mario Party 10. It’s the first big Wii U game of 2015, and it seems to be a dud.

Mario Party 10 was released last week and reviews have been disappointing from all major gaming publications. The game has a MetaCritic score of just 65 — way below what’s expected from a first party Nintendo game. In fact, it might just be the lowest rated first party Nintendo Wii U game ever.

Even Wii Karaoke U and Wii Sports Club are rated higher than Mario Party 10. Technically, Game & Wario has a slightly lower rating, but it doesn’t really count since it was a remake (and more of a GamePad tech demo) and Nintendo didn’t market the game all.

Nintendo has previously had a streak of high rated games — just last year, they released Mario Kart 8, Bayonetta 2, and Super Smash Bros, with an average score of 90 on MetaCritic. Other first party Wii U games have been just as good: Pikmin 3 (87), Wind Waker HD (90), and Super Mario 3D World (93 — highest rated Wii U game to date).

But the party seems to have ended with Mario Part 10. IGN called it “Party Yawn”, saying it was designed for “Small children and inebriated adults”.

GameSpot called it “Party pooper” (yes, the “party” puns are going strong in reviews), saying that the game “just doesn’t have the depth or the challenge to hold your attention for long”.

GameTrailers weren’t impressed either, criticizing its mini games. “It’s completely possible to go through an entire match as a passive observer and still win first place.”, the review stated.

Source: Wii U Daily

  1. Prof.mcstevie says:

    It deserves it truly, misses the point of mario party which seems impossible given the more than like what 10 games before on various systems.


    • shadefrost says:

      I haven’t played yet, but from what I can hear it looks pretty bad. What exactly makes it so bad? I’ve seen the trailers, but then again been told to not get fooled by the trailers. I’ve seen game play but haven’t played. So I cannot really say anything about the game yet..


      • Prof.mcstevie says:

        The purpose of the main game is the same as 9, get to the end with the most collectible “mini-stars”, with everyone in a car that forces them to try and get themselves in favourable positions while setting up the others for a bad time. Minigames aren’t played after every turn but rather at maybe 1 checkpoint or on a minigame space, effectively making it possible to play 2 in the entire map. The mode ruins the necessity to think and plan in a strategic way and now plays like a game of 21, trying to put people in bad positions, with it being wholly possible to do nothing and win by haivng everyone else suffer.

        The new bowser mode is an unbalanced sack of crap with very few minigames and that which there are tend to be slanted in bowsers side, making winning an inevitability as he knocks out your “life” stores.

        The final mode is the amiibo mode, which plays like classic mario party but only if you have a compatible amiibo. You go around in a square, a straight up square, touching your amiibo in the reader for every turn and action. It is a horribly watered down and inconvenient mode that exists simply to remind us what we AREN’T playing.

        Overall, the game misses SO much of what made the series good and changes formula for sake of change.

        Liked by 1 person

      • shadefrost says:

        Wow really? Yeah, well that’s kind of sad to hear… New Amiibos seems to be the only good thing about the release of this game…


      • Prof.mcstevie says:

        If anything, I suppose you can have fun with it with the right people but the core experience is very uninspired, as if it was a party game by any other name.

        Liked by 1 person

    • I remember when the point was to grind the skin off your hand using the 64 controller.


      • Prof.mcstevie says:

        How they missed that or sincerely thought people would do it with just their thumbs is beyond me, that is one mistake they learned quickly.


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