Heads up: Only a week left for Club Nintendo surveys

Posted: March 25, 2015 in News, Video Games
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Heads up: Only a week left for Club Nintendo surveys

Club-NintendoIf you still have a coin balance on Club Nintendo and haven’t reached gold or platinum for this year yet, this is your last week to do so. Post Play surveys are a common way Nintendo awarded coins to gamers and today is the last day you’ll be eligible to receive any post play surveys for products you bought before January 2014.

You’ll still be able to register coins for products until March 31st, but post play surveys take a week to generate in your account and this is the last day to receive them. As for the actual last date to redeem coins, you’ll have until June 30 to do so.

Remember that Club Nintendo is being replaced with a new program developed from Nintendo’s recent partnership with DeNA. We have no new details on that system yet, but stay tuned as it’s likely Nintendo will release the details of this program in a Nintendo Direct once Club Nintendo is officially phased out.

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Source: Wii U Daily


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