Eclipse Games announces Tachyon Project for Wii U

Posted: March 25, 2015 in News, Video Games
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Eclipse Games announces Tachyon Project for Wii U

tachyon-1-640x360Today Eclipse Games made the announcement that their upcoming game, Tachyon Project, will be heading to Wii U sometime this year. The game is set to launch in July on Xbox One, but it will launch on Wii U, PC, and PlayStation later on this year.

Tachyon Project is a twin stick shooter inspired by classic games of the same control scheme. The development team believes that what sets Tachyon Project apart from twin stick shooters is the multiple unique enemy types, as well as the new weapon upgrades and power-ups that are available to the player throughout the level.

The game’s story unfolds across 10 unique levels, but each level has six waves of enemies of varying degree of difficulty in order to keep the player on their toes. The story unfolds over the course of the 100 levels, as a computer program named Ada fights to learn the story of her origin and what happened to her creators.

If you’re interested in seeing more screenshots from the game, you can check out Eclipse Games’ website here.

tachyon-2-640x360tachyon-3-640x360tachyon-4-640x360Continue reading:

Source: Wii U Daily


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