Warner’s toys-to-life concept could be called LEGO Dimensions [RUMOR]

Posted: March 20, 2015 in News, Video Games
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Warner’s toys-to-life concept could be called LEGO Dimensions [RUMOR]


A few days ago we published a rumor that said Warner Bros. Interactive is developing a toys-to-life concept out of their staple of LEGO franchises. The information came from an insider close to the development of the project and while we didn’t have any information about the name of the concept, it’s been leaked that the toys-to-life concept will be called LEGO Dimensions.

According to a report from VideoGamer, the game is being developed by Traveller’s Tales and the team is attempting to push boundaries in what is possible within the concept. Associate producer Tim Wileman spoke briefly about the project in general terms, stating:

I don’t want to focus too much on the other games at the moment, but what I will say is, like I say, we’re always looking to push the boundaries on these games in terms of the scope and the potential and we’re ambitious in that respect.

Warner Bros. Interactive still refuses to comment on the rumors, but it’s speculated the game will be available later this year.

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Source: Wii U Daily


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