Nintendo’s stock is the highest it’s been in four years

Posted: March 19, 2015 in News, Video Games
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Nintendo’s stock is the highest it’s been in four years


By Ashley King – 1 hour ago

With the announcement that Nintendo is embracing mobile made on Tuesday, Nintendo’s stock instantly jumped up more than 30% and it’s been climbing higher ever since then. Today the stock reached and topped the highest point it’s been to in the last four years, which saw the launch of both the Wii U and the Nintendo 3DS.

Both launches had semi-troublesome starts and while the Nintendo 3DS has recovered from the failure it had at launch due to price-point and a perceived lack of games, the Wii U is still struggling. It seems as though investors are buying back into Nintendo because they’re confident the move into mobile will keep the company on top of profits instead of the dismal few years we’ve seen since the Wii U launch. Either way, the growth in Nintendo’s stock is a good sign for investors and consumers, as long as Nintendo can maintain its current focus on hardware and producing quality software.

Source: Wii U Daily

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