Frostbite Magazine Updates

Posted: March 18, 2015 in News

I am currently applying some modifications to Frostbite Magazine as you might have noticed.

Originally, Frostbite Magazine was mostly only about music but I decided to add a few more sections to it like Sciences, Video Games, and Sports because I want this E-magazine to receive more updates and being more diversified.

I have many fields of interest and I thought having more sections to FM (Frostbite Magazine) would be a lot more appealing and also would draw a lot more attention if I’d post about different subjects instead of just one.

As I mentioned previously, I’m going through a prescription withdrawal process which makes it harder for me to stay in front of the computer, talking to bands and trying to get some exclusivities only. That’s why I decided to give a little push to the magazine by posting any kind of news I find interesting online along with the music exclusivities when they show up. The only difference is that the news will be alot more diversified and will be posted on a daily basis which will be easier for me and a lot more interesting for everyone.

I am still working on the template in order to make it more appealing and efficient to all of you. If you have any subjects you’d like me to add to the page please let me know.



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