A message from me…

Posted: February 15, 2015 in Published News Related

As you might have noticed I stopped posting since October 14fth 2014.

Here’s why:

In October I got extremely sick, so sick I almost died from it. That being said the reason why I got so sick it’s because of my medical past and the decision I took under these medications. Turned out I was suffering from a high level medication toxicity in my blood and I had only two options left; Rehab or death. I decided to do rehab and give myself another chance.

It’s been since November I started my own recovery and I’m down to two months left. It’s by far the scariest but the best thing I’ve ever done in my life.

That’s why I stopped posting eventually. Now I’m doing much better and I will take it were I left off by continuing posting about news and get some exclusive news as much as possible.

Thank for your time, support and understanding!



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