Lady Gaga broke up a fight in her own audience (VIDEO)

Posted: September 27, 2014 in Published News Related
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Lady Gaga stops a fight at concert

This video proves it: You shouldn’t mess with Mother Monster!

During a tour stop in Antwerp this week, Gaga wasn’t too gaga about some of her fans’ behavior — she stopped the show to break up a fight between two of them in the front row.

After Gaga took off her neon jacket and tossed it into the crowd, the pair of fans were, predictably, excited about the prospect of taking home such a one-of-a-kind keepsake from the ArtRave: The Artpop Ball concert, E! News reports.

Two of them nabbed the jacket, but it sounds like they weren’t playing nice while they tried to decide who would leave with the prize. Gaga, who obviously knows that sharing is caring, stopped the show and shouted at them from the stage, “Careful. Don’t fight.”

Apparently, the warning didn’t work. And Mother Monster was all too ready to teach her fans that if they can’t play nice, they can’t play at all.

“Hey, hey. Give it back,” she said to the pair fighting over the jacket, before heading back over to them to reclaim the piece of her costume.

In the video of the concert, you can hear the audience members gasp as they realize she’s not kidding. The fans give back the jacket and Gaga tosses it to one of her backup dancers instead.

“If you’re going to fight, you don’t get to keep it,” she says, adding, “Here, we practice love.”

The crowd goes kind of nuts, as they should, and the show goes on. But not until after Gaga makes sure her Little Monsters know that everything’s cool.

“And don’t worry, I still love you,” she says, walking back towards the two who started the fight and blowing them a kiss.

Now, let this be a lesson to all the other misbehaving Little Monsters out there!

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