Crimson Shadows Fall European Tour with Allstars Funding Campaign!

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A word from Crimson Shadows

In the frozen reaches of Canada, where the mountains meet the sea; a band of young men locked in steadfast tenacity have assembled to live out their worldly dreams. The dawn of 2014 has seen Crimson Shadows borne to international praise and repute by their unwavering delivery of boundary-crushing and genre-defying modern death and power metal via their upcoming Napalm Records release ‘Kings Among Men.’ After touring their native Canada coast to coast, Crimson Shadows are ready to take the world by the throat and deliver their brand of heroic metal that only the ice-clad lands of Canada can forge!
Dear Friends, 

We are CRIMSON SHADOWS! We are a 5-man epic power/melodic death metal band from Toronto, Canada and we’ve recently signed to Napalm Records of Austria! Our music tells the heroic stories of Canada’s noble people, it’s high-vaulted histories and colossal beautiful landscapes; of Canada’s brief, yet tremendous impact on the global stage. We tell this story through our Napalm Records debut album ‘Kings Among Men’, which will be released on September 1 in Europe and on September 9 in N, America. This album will feature our most mature and exciting music  yet! You can snag your copy here on our indiegogo campaign FIRST before it’s released to the public by preordering here!

OUR CAMPAIGN: In September, we will be embarking on our first ever European tour, supporting Alestorm, and will be the most important tour we’ve ever embarked upon as it will launch us as a band on the continent of Europe only a week after our album is released.  In preparation for this tour, we planned a N. American tour with our brothers in BATTLECROSS this month to raise the money to meet expenses that we will incur on our tour to Europe. Unfortunately, we were denied entry to the United States on June 22 in N. Dakota, on our way to our first US Headlining show, EVER in La Crosse, Wisconsin. We wont let this stop us! 

If our Indiegogo campaign is successful with your support, our fiercest and most heroic fans will be responsible for developing Crimson Shadows around the world. You will enable us to tour Europe in September with Alestorm,  and you’ll help support our Napalm Records worldwide debut by allowing us to play for new audiences in Europe and beyond ! 

YOUR purchase of  our debut album in advance of the release, or other merch and unique experiences will be the direct reason CRIMSON SHADOWS becomes elevated to an international touring and recording artist. Thank you!

WHY CRIMSON SHADOWS NEEDS YOUR SUPPORT: Touring can be very expensive, and you always run the risk of losing money–but it’s the best way to prove yourselves as a band and build your fan base. In our case we lost A LOT of money after our North American tour with Battlecross was cancelled due to us not gaining access to the United States. Read all about it HERE. A lot of those lost funds were going to go towards our European tour with Alestorm this coming September. We even bought a new tour van specifically to make the North American tour and future tours possible! You could imagine how much despair we felt as we saw the American border get smaller in our van’s rear-view mirror.

To come up with this shortfall, we’ve developed some of the most unique and extremely special perks that will only be available via this crowdfunding campaign.

WHERE YOUR SUPPORT WILL BE USED: 100% of funds we raise from this campaign will go towards funding our upcoming tour with Alestorm and the costs associated with enabling us to tour and manufacture merchandise to profit from. Regardless of how much of our entire goal we reach. You cannot put a price on a dream, especially if it’s one that is the gateway to the rest of your life and your career. Every contribution we receive is a huge leap towards the goal we plan on reaching and there are no words to describe our appreciation and gratitude for EVERY contribution, no matter how large or small. We realized when we were dreaming up the special and unique perks that because this is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity for us, we need to make it a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity for our fans and fans to be! These perks will only be available this one time and will be the contributors only opportunity to take advantage of them!

OUR RISKS AND CHALLENGES: We understand the challenges and risks awaiting us in the future. Being in a touring band in 2014 does not offer a lot of hope in terms of sustainability and profitability. Some of us may lose the lives and day jobs we have worked so hard to build and maintain in our quarter century or so of life. We may come back to Canada to find we do not have a home, not to mention the health and financial risks that lengthy touring in foreign countries might pose.

We are a very young group of musicians and we have such a huge hunger to always move to the next step in our careers and to drag our craft to every corner of the globe. We have our entire lives ahead of us to translate our passion and drive into what we dream to be a successful career in music. We have new management who we have much confidence in and have proven to be successful in building the careers of new artists, as with our management roster brothers in Epic American Thrash band, BATTLECROSS.  We have overcome so many hurdles in our almost decade-long tenure playing epic metal. We have been lost, stranded, ripped off, broke, hungry and rejected all while exercising the thousands of hours, tens of thousands of dollars and hundreds of thousands of kilometres we have spent on the road, writing, recording and being a band. The gold is always brighter after having dealt with the most bitter of tastes, and we are only the stronger for having soldiered through the high times and the low. In the end we can only keep our heads up and continue on despite the difficulty, so here is to hoping our new campaign will be a success with your support of our new album!

OTHER WAYS TO HELP: We realize that not all of you may have the means to contribute, but still would like to help us out with our new adventure. We hugely encourage all you folks to help us get the word out and make some noise about our once-in-a-lifetime campaign! There are some fancy Indiegogo share tools available on our campaign page to let your friends and families know about us and our goal and we would be so grateful if you used them to help along on this long, long road!

Thank you so much for your continuous love and support!


Morgan, Ryan, Cory, Jimi & Greg

Crimson Shadows Fall European Tour with Allstars Funding Campaign link can be found at this address:

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