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Posted: July 22, 2014 in News

I am currently working on a music blog where I will post some exclusive news, interviews, stories and promote different bands by sharing videos, pictures and much more. The blog is currently in construction and will look much better in a few weeks.

I will promote the bands for free and will leave the stories and interviews unedited so people can feel connected with the bands. The bands that I will promote will have to agree to give me their permission first in order to publish the interviews and so on. I won’t sell any informations concerning the bands and will give full credit to the respective owners of the content I will be posting on the blog. In order to get some promotion on this blog the bands will have to be supporters of this blog. I will also share the news on my Twitter, Facebook and Google Plus account.

I am not making any money with this blog and won’t sell any informations concerning the artists and bands on this blog. If you need more info email me at:

Thank you guys and enjoy!

Shade Frost

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